News Update



Innovators behind Abu Dhabi’s $1.2 billion Reem Mall today announced how the introduction of a transformational aggregated application marks a significant milestone in the mall’s journey towards becoming the world’s first fully enabled, offline-to-online, technology-powered life and business center. Reem Mall’s Director of Digital Innovation, Milat Sayra Berirmen, revealed at a special industry session how the first-of-its-kind app brings the entire mall ecosystem together on a singular platform to revolutionize the experience for retailers and consumers.

Underpinning the innovative app is Reem Mall’s commitment to engage with a new breed of digitally native buyers who are becoming increasingly aware of the convenience of online shopping. As traditional malls rise to the challenge of addressing a seismic increase in online buying behavior, the app encompasses innovative and customer-centric solutions to provide seamless unprecedented experiences that prioritize tailored product discovery and personalized experiences.

In addition to providing digital access to more than 450 local and international brands, hypermarkets and department stores at Reem Mall, the aggregated app will allow customers to benefit from hands-free shopping online, with the added flexibility to collect their purchases from a digital locker or have it delivered to their homes. The app will also offer users exclusive benefits, including a gamified loyalty program that works conjointly with a digital wallet to reward shoppers and guide them to similarly relevant brands and products; and smart parking and indoor navigation. Users will also receive special updates on the latest deals, offers and discounts from their favorite brands and products.

The app’s capabilities will extend to a robust digital infrastructure for business partners, powered by the world’s leading mega omnichannel ecosystem. Data harvesting, analysis and insights will lie at the heart of this platform, enabling retailers to access customer preferences, predict customer behaviors, and help build sophisticated buyer personas to actively personalize and target their promotions.