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Reem Mall Set To Transform Regional Retail Industry Through Innovative Data Analytics And Integrated E-Commerce Logistics

Developers behind Abu Dhabi’s $1.2 billion Reem Mall have revealed how innovative data analytics and the introduction of an integrated 23,000 sq.ft. E-commerce logistics hub will make it the world’s first fully digitally enabled smart shopping centre.

Using the latest omni-channel data gathering techniques, analysis and insights generated by Big Data will be at the heart of this transformation, positively disrupting the regional retail industry and reinventing the experience for retailers and consumers.

The innovative approach will allow Reem Mall to deliver superior sales potential, enhanced customer journey and personalised service, based on real-time, actionable insights into shopper behaviours and preferences.

The forward-looking insights were unveiled at the 5th Edition of the Retail Leaders Circle MENA Summit taking place in Dubai this week.

“With digital transformation currently disrupting retail boundaries and on-demand shopping delivered wherever and whenever you want, the days of the traditional shopping mall are over,” said Milat Sayra Berirmen, Digital Experience Manager for Reem Mall, during a keynote speech at the Summit.

“At Reem Mall, we are leading this transformation by creating a totally new retail concept – the world’s first fully digitally enabled mall, supported by an integrated logistics hub. Through effective data harvesting and connected financial and partnership platforms, we will be able to predict consumer needs and provide uniquely personalized content. In a world where consumers expect any experience to be literally at their fingertips, we are taking this one step further by creating an on-demand connection between customers and retailers.”

The catalyst for this transformation is Reem Mall’s visionary digital strategy, which is based on principles of collaboration, convenience and personalization. In line with the strategy, Reem Mall will deploy cutting edge solutions that will fuse e-commerce platforms with brick and mortar, creating a unique new retail model.

“At Reem Mall, we are committed to revolutionizing the retail industry in MENA and beyond,” said Shane Eldstrom, CEO of Al Farwaniya Property Developments, the developer of Reem Mall.

“Our sector is going through a rapid evolution, driven by technology and fundamental changes in customer behaviour. Our industry-defining strategy leverages the full potential of digital products and technologies, supported by a revolutionary 23,000 sq. ft. integrated logistics hub, with capacity to deliver 30,000 parcels per day. This new direction is not only reshaping the way a mall operates, but changing the way customers experience our space in a social, cultural and community context.”

Reem Mall is being developed by Al Farwaniya Property Developments, a partnership between Agility, Agility affiliate United Projects for Aviation Services (UPAC), and National Real Estate Company (NREC).

The project is located in the Najmat District on Reem Island, the residential and commercial master development by Reem Developers. Reem Island is planned to have a population of 200,000 at completion.

Construction on Reem Mall began in late 2017 and is anticipated to be complete by late 2020. The retail, dining and leisure destination will offer 2 million sq. ft. leasable area comprising of 450 stores, including 100 dining options and a range of entertainment activities such as Snow Park Abu Dhabi, a destination snow park attraction.