United Projects for Aviation Services Company (UPAC) is a leading commercial real estate and facilities management company with a specialization in Build Operate Transfer (BOT) initiatives. In 2015, UPAC partnered with NREC for the development of the Reem Mall in Abu Dhabi. UPAC has committed to investing up to US$224 million in the Reem Mall project over the next three years through its subsidiary, Al Arfaj Real Estate Company.  Publicly traded on the Kuwait Stock Exchange, UPAC manages over 250,000 square feet of commercial space at the Kuwait International Airport as well as at other prominent locations in the country. UPAC’s services include project management and consultancy, real estate development as well as property and facilities management. UPAC’s customer base includes a wide range of leading retailers, food and beverage companies, airlines and financial institutions. UPAC also serves recreation and entertainment companies catering to younger audiences. Reem Mall is one of the largest projects undertaken by UPAC and will soon be included in the company’s portfolio of successful projects.

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Established in Kuwait in 1973, the National Real Estate Company (NREC) is a publicly listed real estate and investment company with a presence in the Middle East and North Africa. Over the years, NREC has grown into one of the largest real estate companies in the region with ventures across the Middle East and North Africa. NREC has assets and capital of US$ 1.9 billion and manages 80 million square feet of land. The organisation houses subsidiaries and entities across a range of countries including the UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Libya. The portfolio of projects completed or under development, includes office space, mixed use centres, industrial parks, residential communities and superregional malls.

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Reem Developers, one of Abu Dhabi’s leading real estate companies, is the master developer of Najmat Abu Dhabi, a mixed-use township situated on Reem Island.

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