Digital Innovation

Digital Innovation

Reem Mall is building the omnichannel ecosystem enabling businesses with its order and inventory management system. Fully integrated e-commerce enablement and logistics fulfillment centre powered by Shipa, allow last-mile store-to-door delivery in UAE.

Reem Mall’s aggregated app is an AI-based, digital platform, providing a seamless customer experience by analysing their preferences and connecting them to products and services. Features include:

  • ‘Handsfree shopping’
  • Marketplace to product navigation
  • Gamified loyalty program
  • Indoor navigation supported by augmented reality with location-based, personalised promotions
  • Smart-parking service, find my car functionality
  • Digital wallet
  • Ability to earn and redeem loyalty points

Reem Mall Omnichannel

Reem Mall is the world’s first fully integrated digital gateway to 57 million customers and $308 billion in sales. It is based on a world-class omnichannel ecosystem and trading platform for global retailers that includes a data science platform for seamless integration between retailers and customers. This state-of-the-art digital platform enhances customer experience, provides personalised promotions based on AI (artificial intelligence) analysis of customer preferences, according to time, place, and goods and helps retailers realise new opportunities.

This uniquely advanced omnichannel 'Phygital' retail model is a first in the region and leads the global retail, leisure, and lifestyle markets with an impressive range of disruptive technologies backed by data. It creates smart and technology-enhanced experiences for customers, across online and offline channels.